New Blog, Who Dis?

So, it’s time. I actually did it after years of saying I would do it. I caved. Here’s my blog.

For my first post I decided I should probably introduce myself. Hi, I’m Maxey. I’m really flattered you decided to check out my page and that you’ve actually decided to read my words.

So who am I? Well, I love all things fashion; specifically plus size fashion. It’s getting easier to be a fashionable plus size girl, but it’s still a challenge and boy, do I love it. I work at a company called Dia&Co. We’re a subscription styling service for women sizes 14 & up (#elevatorpitch). For real though it’s a badass startup where I surround myself with fashionable plus size girls on the reg. I’m very lucky.


Before Dia I worked as a plus size model for about 5 years. I had the pleasure of traveling the world and working with some amazing clients such as; Target, Macy*s, Torrid, and Swim Suits For All and I was also one of the first plus size models to walk in NYFW in 2013.


Modeling is fun and glamorous, but I always had a much greater passion in life. For years I worked at a “New Image Camp” for kids. I ran a program there that helped the girls (ages 7-21) find confidence in their bodies and to develop a healthy relationship with the mirror. I ran a Model Bootcamp where super-models like Ashley Graham came and blew these girls minds.


Now, I’m living in Jersey City and trying to figure out my next steps. I figured blogging and documenting when I take time to look cute AF is a good start. So, stick around… you might enjoy yourself.


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