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Arm Candy, Anyone?

Summer time means showing skin. Everyone out there is on their own journey when it comes to style and confidence. I have finally reached the point in my life after 27 years where I finally feel comfortable baring my arms. I used to run away from anything sleeveless or cap sleeves. Now I find myself embracing them and actually feeling pretty sexy in them! Honestly, I never thought I would see the day.

This red jumpsuit fell into my arms one random day at the Newport Mall in Jersey City. I stumbled into New York & Company and was pleasantly surprised. This little number was all alone on a rack smiling at me in a size 18. I instantly threw it on. Both my friend and I were in awe of it and I knew it needed to be mine.

I absolutely love the color. Poppy red is everywhere this summer and I’m really embracing this trend. The mixture of orange and red looks great on so many skin tones.

When I wear such an overpowering outfit I like to stay simple with my accessories. I added my new favorite earrings that my mom gave me and a cute tan clutch.

I paired the jumpsuit with my 70’s inspired wedges from Target.

Challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone is such a freeing experience. For me showing my arms was always tough. Once I let it go and realized to everyone else they just look like arms- I was able to let it go. Bare your arms this summer, ladies!

Jumpsuit: New York & Company

Clutch: Dia&Co

Shoes: Target

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