Weekend Vibes

As I get older my style is constantly changing. I’ve noticed recently I like to dress up a bit more and now that I have a real girl adult 9-5 (10-6) I wear dresses almost always.

Weekends are truly a cherished thing. A time to unwind, relax, and enjoy doing nothing. On the special occasion where I’m not laying in bed until noon scrolling through my multiple newsfeeds I get dressed and do something. (Did someone say brunch?)

White jeans are the perfect weekend uniform for a few reasons:

  1. I don’t have to wear them on the subway and fear getting subway scum all over them. (This alludes to the fact that I rarely leave Jersey City on the weekends)

2. They make you feel like you care and got dressed up, but in reality you just threw them on.

3. They make you feel chic AF.


I paired my distressed white boyfriend jeans with a cute, relaxed peplum for a comfortable, yet put together look.


I know I talk about it a lot, but I’ve recently entered a stage in my life where I feel sexy and risqué showing my arms. Wearing tank tops can be extremely freeing!

When they are loose and flowy like this one- I always pair them with a fitted bottom for a balanced look.


For an extra pop I threw on my metallic sandals that matched perfectly with my silver hoops. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Top: Old Navy (Similar)

Bottom: ASOS (Similar)

Shoes: Loft


2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes

  1. So proud you’re feeling brave to show your arms. I’m always afraid to wear white jeans! I feel like all the things I’m embarrassed will be highlighted. Maybe I’ll have to buy a pair for this coming weekend !

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