My Birthday Suit

Sorry. Not the suit you were expecting? My b.

Birthdays are a big deal, but don’t freak out! It’s not my birthday… it was 2 months ago. I bought this dress to wear at my birthday party this year.

Birthdays are the one day of the year where you can be totally selfish and be as bratty as you want. It’s super important that you buy a new dress that you love and feel fabulous in. I purchased this dress a couple weeks before my party and I absolutely loved it. I danced the night away, but since then it’s been hiding in my closet.

This blog post is an ode to the special pieces that live in our closets, but don’t make it into our outfit rotation. Make sure to shake off the dust and pull out that dress that made you feel extra gorgeous and special. Who care’s if it’s a little too short, a little too low cut, and a little too brightly colored for the office, am I right??


I paired the dress with my go-to hoops and my new favorite necklaces. One is just a long strand that I wrapped tightly around my neck to resemble a choker and the other is long with a cute barbell on the end.


I threw on my comfiest sandals that I can’t live without and posed perfectly for the camera.


Kind of.


Dress: ASOS (Similar)

Necklace: Dia&Co

Shoes: Payless (Similar)

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