Dressing Up A Graphic Tee

Graphic tees were literally everything in high school. Specifically my “Jesus is my homeboy” tee from Hot Topic. Did my mom think I was suddenly very religious? I really don’t understand trends sometimes…

I found this graphic tee at H&M a couple weeks ago and my initial thought was– that looks super cozy and I will live in it. I tried it on and I was very right! Now I’m wearing it far too often and far too casually, but I decided to dress this little number up.


I paired it with my dream skirt that I bought at H&M years ago. I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it, but it’s embarrassingly old! It’s a very pale pink chiffon dream. It’s magical and I feel like a wonderful princess in it every time I wear it.


I threw on my western inspired belt to break up the lines. Since this skirt just has an elastic waistband- I always feel like it’s missing something. The thick black belt broke up the pieces and helped show off my shape.


The shirt says “Aime tous les Jours” which according to google translate means “Love everyday”. I’m not going to pretend to be cool and speak french. I just liked that it had embroidery and stripes. #basicbitch.


So as you look through your drawer and find your favorite old graphic tee; whether it be a band tee or an old “Camp Juicy” shirt. Throw it on! Pair it with a dreamy midi skirt, grab your iced coffee, and boom!

T-shirt: H&M

Photography: Lydia Hudgens


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