When Brands Finally Get It: Loft Edition

I absolutely love when brands hop on the bandwagon and expand their sizes ranges. Even though we have a long ways to go I was super excited when I found out Loft was going to start carrying plus sizes (16-26). I’ve always been a fan of their aesthetic and was sick of only being able to shop their accessory section.

Right now they’re exclusively carried at Gwynnie Bee, but they will be launching their full line early next year. I for one can’t wait!

I was pleasantly surprised with the dress I received. (Even though it was damaged due to Gwyniee Bee being a rental service). The other pieces they’re carrying right now aren’t my favorite, but I do love Loft and I hope they do us big babes proud!


I absolutely love these earrings. My mom bought them for me a few years ago and I was iffy about them at the time. I started wearing them last fall and now I see them EVERYWHERE. It’s crazy how mom’s always know what’s up!


I paired the Autumn Dream Shirtdress with my go-to statement earrings and favorite cheap sunglasses from Old Navy (I think they’re only $8.00 right now!)

2 thoughts on “When Brands Finally Get It: Loft Edition

  1. I hope they have pieces that are in line with the “normal” sizes. You look beautiful, but I’ve never been a fan of the loud print that are often put on plus sized clothes. I really like clean, minimal classic looks, especially for work. I always loved that about the loft but their sizes aren’t for me. I want more places where I can a great fitting suit and classy work clothes. I work in financial services and it’s ultra conservative and I have a really hard time finding appropriate clothing. Loft is precisely the look I covet so I hope they fill that gap. They will get all my dollars!


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