Taking Sundresses Into Fall

Over the summer my uniform consists of dresses. Usually a wrap and probably with flowers on it. I’m somewhat predictable. As we transition into the colder months- I hate packing these dresses up and storing them along with my cutoffs and tank tops. So, in celebration of sundresses I want to show you how to make them last all year long.


This Fashion To Figure faux wrap is my new favorite dress. It hugs my body in the perfect way. I loved the color instantly– I’m going to call it Burnt Poppy.


To make sure this beautiful dress stays appropriate for all seasons I decked it out with leather. This dress has an empire waist, so it needs to be paired with a cropped jacket. Any time a dress comes in at the waist; your jacket should be cropped so it shows off your curves.


To finish off this Fall look I threw on these cute booties from Target. Just match your boots to the jacket and your sundress will be instantly weather appropriate!


Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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