Here For The Drama

Recently, I tackled the pajama trend and I wrote all about it here. I’m really into the idea that pajamas are trendy and it’s cool to wear them on the streets because my night gown is literally my favorite thing ever.

Lucky for me Fashion to Figure has the most gorgeous robe inspired kimono that I knew was made for me.  Kimono’s have always been one of my favorite things to wear. I love the bold prints and colors they can add to any outfit. I’m a simple leggings and tank top girl- when you throw a kimono over that, it looks like you actually care.


Since this actually isn’t a kimono and it’s more of a robe- it comes with a cute little detachable belt so you can wrap it up tight and close it off. I love the versatility of it!


I opted for keeping it open because of the extra drama it adds as a I walk. I also love to pair oversized,  flowy tops with a tight top underneath and jeans to really accentuate my curves.


This top had super cute sleeves too. Bell sleeves are literally everywhere right now, but I like that FTF decided to go for a simple and small bell. It was just the perfect amount of detail.


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