Casting 101

So, you just got signed with an agency and you got the most exciting email in the world. Subject: Casting. Now what?

Castings are awesome! They give you the opportunity to put your face in front of pretty important decision makers. So it’s time to put your best foot forward. Here is some great advice that I always follow:

  1. Do not forget your portfolio! I keep my portfolio on my iPad because my book is very heavy. Having a book is awesome and it feels very legit, but I don’t bring it as often as I used to. Ipads work just as well.
  2. Have a soft and natural make-up look. When I say natural that does not mean no make-up. In the modeling world “natural” means it took me two solid hours to look like this. They will be taking (most likely) studio shots of you which means a lot of studio lights which means- wear make-up!!
  3. Dress the part. Look up who the client is, check out their Instagram, check out the models they book- and become their girl! The client wants to envision you as their customer the second you walk in. They will literally decide if you’re right within the first 5 seconds. So look like you’re already on their set!
  4. Know the client!! Everyone loves to be flattered. The client does not want to hear “oh, I’ve never heard of you guys”… duh. Do your homework.
  5. Be personable. When a client brings you in for a casting they also want to know they’ll actually enjoy working with you. No one likes a diva. Be nice and show off your true (hopefully amazing) personality.

I had a casting last week for an awesome company I have been dying to work for. They’re a younger customer and a bit trendier. I decided to be New York chic and stick to all black. I packed my iPad and my tallest heels into my tiny black back up and headed to the subway.



So take these helpful hints and nail that casting.

**Update: I booked the job! Woohoo!


Photography by Lydia Hugens

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