My Wild Side

I have to be honest with you guys. I feel very cool in this outfit.


And the coolest part about it? I think the whole outfit cost less than $100… give or take. This jacket has been a huge hit and it’s funny because when I first purchased it I was planning on returning it because I never thought I would wear it. Turns out I’ve worn it almost everyday this week. When you’re unsure about something you bought- leave the tag on and take it for a test drive! (I’m so sorry guys, but it’s totally sold out on their site and I can’t find the link for you.)


These pants fit me so perfectly. I bought them awhile ago from Old Navy, but only recently started wearing them. I love them because they can be dressed up or down- they’re perfect for someone who wants to look trendy at the office. Switch the moto jacket for a blazer and I’m lookin’ like I’m werkin’ for the weekend. (They no longer carry the cheetah print, but I love these printed options plus/straight)


This white tee is from the new brand from target, A New Day. I actually ended up buying 3 of them because they’re just that good. Super comfy and a great thick material. I love a white crew neck tee too.


I threw on my classic pair of white Adidas and shades and I was good to go.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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