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My Favorite Jeans of 2019

By popular demand I wanted to share my favorite jeans that I own, highly recommend, and have spent my own money on (with old IG posts as proof)!

My Everyday Jean:

I always navigate towards a black skinny jean- even though I am venturing away from the skinny and going more towards wide or flare (which are more on trend these days). I was always on the hunt for the perfect black skinny that didn’t feel like a jegging. I want them to feel like actual denim, but also have a little bit of stretch. I’m sad to say how hard it was to find- but then I found these!

JFK Plus – Skinny 28″

These Warp & Weft jeans check off all the boxes. I wear them in a size 18 and I prefer the color “black-top”, but I must say they have an amazing assortment of washes! Warp & Weft runs sizes 00-24. 

The Best Flare Jean:

Some of you know I’ve been featured in the American Eagles denim campaigns ever since they expanded their size range, but before they even brought me in for the initial casting I was obsessed with their jeans. Some of you long time followers may remember me raving about their Tom Girl jeans (which are unfortunately no longer available), but now I can’t get enough of their flares! I’m super into the fact that flares are making a come back. I love the way it balances out of my body shape. I love pairing them with a tucked in top and it makes me feel like I’m straight out of the 70’s.

Highest Waist Flare Jean

These American Eagle jeans hit my waist at the perfect height. I love every wash they offer; I have them in this dark wash and in black. I wear an 18 in these- they are a bit tighter, but have a crazy amount of stretch. I also make sure to buy them in a tall (I’m only 5’8). I like the way they fall over my boots.  AE runs sizes 00-24 short, regular, and tall.

The Every Season Jean:

I first got this cut of jeans through a Stitch Fix box and I was instantly hooked. These are the kind of jeans I’ve always seen my smaller friends wear and I have always dreamt of having my own. I was so happy when I found them. I wore these all summer with a tee and a pair of platform sandals, but in the winter I plan on wearing them with a chunky white sweater and a pair of tall cognac booties (tall enough to cover my ankles: brrr)

Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in Preston Wash: Raw-Hem Edition

My exact pair are sold out (which doesn’t surprise me because they are so perfect), but I linked to the same pair just in a darker wash. Still super cute and will probably end up buying these ones too. I wear a 34 in these, but sometimes I find Madewell’s sizing to be inconsistent and some run really big. They’re pretty good at mentioning when a pair runs big on their site- so watch for those hints!

My “these aren’t for sitting” Jeans

I literally LOVE denim without stretch. I love the way they shape my body, they way they look with tucked in tops, and just the all around chic-ness of them. Prior to Madewell I had a really hard time finding (PS notice Madewell showed up twice on my list- they’re good. Trust me). Anyways, yes I love a good rigid denim, BUT they are not meant for comfort. As a girl with a belly, a high waist no-stretch jean isn’t really meant for sitting, but sometimes a girl needs a pair of jeans just for show. These are them!

The Curvy Perfect Vintage Jean in Fitzgerald Wash

I may be exaggerating, I definitely can sit in these bad boys, but just wanted you guys to get the gist of them. In these I wear size 35 (no stretch). I love the way they make my tush look and they look amazing with both birks or boots. When I bought these they didn’t offer the “Curvy” fit, but I recommend going Curvy: which I linked above. My waist to hip ratio is pretty straight and I still have a little gap in my waist (I’m a 41 in waist and 50 in hip)

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