Here For The Drama

Recently, I tackled the pajama trend and I wrote all about it here. I'm really into the idea that pajamas are trendy and it's cool to wear them on the streets because my night gown is literally my favorite thing ever. Lucky for me Fashion to Figure has the most gorgeous robe inspired kimono that … Continue reading Here For The Drama


When I worked for Dia&Co I was lucky enough to witness a truly incredible collaboration. I have been a huge fan of Tanesha Awasthi for a while. She's a timeless beauty with a true flair for style! I knew when Dia announced it's partnership with her- that it was going to be good! Watching Tanesha and … Continue reading GWC x DIA

Taking Sundresses Into Fall

Over the summer my uniform consists of dresses. Usually a wrap and probably with flowers on it. I'm somewhat predictable. As we transition into the colder months- I hate packing these dresses up and storing them along with my cutoffs and tank tops. So, in celebration of sundresses I want to show you how to … Continue reading Taking Sundresses Into Fall

Fake Vacation

It's the end of August and the summer is slowly winding down. It's the time of year all of my friends (because they are literally all teachers) start buying their school supplies and I start dreaming of booties and sweaters. Well before all of that hits I needed to make sure to get my last summer vacation in and nothing gets me more pumped for vacation than dressing like I'm already on one!